New Docker Image – 20i Domain Checker

I’m a stickler when it comes to repetitive tasks, especially so when it comes to work and tech related things – if I have to do something more than three times, I’ll often find a way to automate it, or make it easier in some way.

One task that’s been bugging me for a little while is checking the availability of domain names for friends, family and clients.

I have to load the 20i website, log in, click the domain order page, enter the domain name, click the search button, wait for the response, then look to see what it says – thats way too much like hard work for my liking… especially when I do it quite frequently.

So – I spent a few hours this morning creating a command line domain availability checker that can be run from a container (my favourite way of running things.

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Is ‘Open Sourcing’ assisting scammers?

I get a lot of spam and phishing emails, I guess that comes with being quite an active online individual, with profiles here, there and everywhere, and I often sign up to white-papers, articles and various sites of interest.

This has left a digital trail of my identity and email address covering the entire globe.

Without going into the safety and security techniques that I should, and you should follow when being online – I don’t truly believe there is a way to avoid spam today, your going to get it…

Todays musings are around how open sourced assets of particularly government entities are being exploited to trick you into thinking they are who they say they are.  Read More

Laravel Node Asset Compilation in Docker

Although I don’t actually spend a lot of my time developing now, I do still have a few projects to work on in my own time, and will always find the time to tinker and learn about something new.

Something I’ve always done whilst developing with Laravel; using Mix to compile my assets, is to have another terminal window open with npm run watch and just leave it there running whilst I work on it.

What tends to happen is that I either minimise the terminal and forget its running – just to find it sat there a week later doing nothing but chewing up thinking power or I restart/close it and go back to work and it’ll take me a moment to figure out why my views are not updating.

Considering that I almost entirely develop in Docker containers running each project through compose – why I still do this hasn’t really crossed my mind until recently – and by adding a very simple container to my compose yaml file, I’ve now got asset compilation running automatically alongside the other project containers:

When you shut the rest of your development environment with docker-compose down the watch container will also stop.

Note: The volume map and workdir are set for some reason, cant fully remember why – but realistically it doesn’t matter where you put them if you set both the volume path and workdir to the same path.